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The website BABOUCHES.NET is published and operated by ORIENTALYA registered under number Siret 84312158300010.

The Web Site is hosted by the company OVH RCS Lille Métropole under the number 424 761 419 00045, which the Head office is located at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France. Email:


Article 1 - Definitions

Charter graph: refers to the creations related to the overall structure of the Web Site.

Content (s) slippers: refers to the signs, logos, domain names, graphics, strips ads, music, photographs, software applications, animations, texts, descriptions of sale items, be they Visual and/or sound from

Content (s): means the graphics, videos, music, photographs, animations, pseudonyms, names, symbols, texts, comments, and more generally the elements, be they Visual, textual or audio from the origin of the Web Site.

Products: refer to the products offered by on its Web Site.

Services: refer to the services offered by on its Web Site.

Website: designates the accessible society website including at the address:

AArticle 2 - scope and acceptance of the General conditions of use of the services of the Web Site


2.1 The present terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are in French and were intended to apply exclusively between the company and the user or the user browsing the Web Site (hereinafter, the Web Site or) the Site).

2.2 The use of the Web Site by any person, regardless of the purpose of his visit, consultation or purchase (hereinafter visitor) is governed by these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as TOS).

Article 3 - Methods of subscription & access to Services on the Web Site

In order to benefit from all the features of the site, we recommend the use of the following browsers (free software):

-Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and newer versions)

-Chrome (PC)

-Mozilla Firefox (Mac and PC)

-Safari (Mac).

The Site is built in php/MySQL.

To view the site, you need javascript to be enabled.

Section 4 - Description of the my account service

All visitors accessing the my account section has the possibility of:

  • view, edit, complete contact information, his profile, his password and his delivery addresses in accordance with the provisions of article 8.
  • check the history of his recent orders placed on the Web Site, take knowledge of the State of preparation of such orders, and locate the parcels for such orders.

Article 5 - guarantees - responsibility

5.1 - guarantees

Babouches.NET does its best to make its Web Site available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the programmed maintenance operations, subject to the provisions of this article. Access to the website and the Services are provided on the basis of a service "as is" and accessible depending on his availability. Babouches.NET makes no guarantee express or implied, including and without this enumeration either restrictive guarantees the quality and compatibility of the products and/or Services for a specific use, and non-related violation of the rules use of the Services and/or products by its visitors.

5.2 - limitation of liability

Babouches.NET undertakes to make its best efforts to ensure the operation of its website in the best conditions. Babouches.NET cannot be held responsible for including:

-interruptions or delays on the Internet Site due to the execution of works of maintenance, technical breakdowns, force majeure, due to third party or of any circumstances whatsoever, regardless of his will;

-the impossibility to access the website momentarily, due to facts independent of his will, such as the case of interruption of the Internet network or hardware failure of receipt of the visitor to the Internet.

In any event, cannot be responsible in case of not conforming to the present use of the Web Site by unVisiteur and especially in the case of violation by the visitor of the stipulations of article 4. Babouches.NET, in the process of sale on line, is held only by one obligation of means; its responsibility cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from the use of Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, rupture of the service, or other involuntary problems.

Article 6 - Suspension of access to Services

Babouches.NET reserves the right to suspend access to the Services at a visitor and to send a notification to load for him to answer without delay if it does not respect its contractual commitments and including the present terms of use as well as the General conditions of sale of If there is no response within a period of fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the notification, may, right, remove the account from the visitor.

Article 7 - Intellectual property

It is clear that the graphic Charter and the of the website content are protected by the legislation currently in force France intellectual property, and for the world whole. Babouches.NET is the owner of all the rights (1) related. For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of intellectual property, only the use of the graphic and the content for private use is permitted.

As a result, the visitor can represent, reproduce, change, or more generally, exploit this Charter graph and/or content without prior express consent of

Any unauthorized use of the graph of the website and/or its content Charter's constituent acts of infringement of copyright or right of distinctive signs and liability criminal and civil of the visitor on the basis for the infringement of rights of author and/or right of distinctive signs.

Section 8 - Personal data

In accordance with the data protection act of January 6, 1978, has made a simplified declaration and a commitment to compliance with the declaration, on the simplified standard n ° 48, with the CNIL under the number 1623410.

Babouches.NET undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided by visitors to the Web Site. These are confidential. They will be used to reinforce and personalize the communication particularly with the letters / e-mail information as well as customizing the Web Site based on observed preferences of visitors .

Babouches.NET does not sell, does not sell so don't rent to third parties personal information about its visitors. Babouches.NET can send visitors information and business proposals. He left the Faculty visitors to oppose by sending an email to contact (at) address to slippers.

Babouches.NET can also provide consolidated statistics about its visitors its sales, structures of trade and related information on the Internet Site to the trusted third party, but these statistics will not contain any data personal. This article may prevent the sale or transfer of activities to a third party. Therefore, in accordance with the law computer and freedoms of January 6, 1978, the visitor can exercise his right of access to the file and its right to rectification or deletion for information about it by addressing his request by mail e-mail to the following address: contact (at)

In case of transfer of files in case of transfer of business to a third party, agrees to inform prior visitors.

Article 9 - Amendment of these terms of use

Babouches.NET reserves the right to freely change the terms of use. Any new version of these will be reported previously on the first page of the section General Conditions of sale / terms of use. Therefore, we invite you to refer to it during each visit to learn about their latest available permanently on-line on the Web Site. You can then do not access services if the conditions do not suit you.

Visitors who do not wish that contractual relationships are governed by the new version of the terms of use, must notify it and, from the date from which the new version will take effect, they will have to stop using the Services. Any changes will take effect immediately and will apply only to visitors using the Services after such change.

Article 10 - Applicable law and competent court


Version applicable at 06/01/2016.

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